Did Humans evolve from the ancestors of Chimps and Apes?

Well that is what modern day science believes. And there is a reason behind that. Although it is only a postulation, and not something that has been proven or can be proved. The reason lies in the evolutionary traits that living organisms exhibit. Every living organism tend to be evolving or changing themselves so as to adapt to the environment more effectively. This theory of evolution was first postulated by a great philosopher cum historian, Charles Darwin. According to his theory of evolution, each species had developed from ancestors with similar features. In 1838, he described how a process called natural selection would make this happen. This postulation later took the form of the theory of Survival of the Fittest.

Although, Darwin’s theory has been accepted by scientific community, there have been many critics and religious groups who have come up with objections to this theory.

And so many curious minds have put forth such questions that defy this postulation.

1.If species evolve to better suit the environment, then why do species become extinct?

2.Theory of evolution is based on extrapolation of the current observed pattern. Can’t this pattern have a starting point?

3.Chimps and Apes shared same ancestor. Isn’t it possible both were created at same time from similar cells (by some alien being)?

4.Religious groups often find the theory to fit in in their religious history, whether it is Biblical or Puranic.

5.And above all, why the change has to be a tree shape (all species origin from same root). It can very well be growing like an algae, spread all across (growth happening everywhere, not necessarily linked to a common root).

Now let us look into Hindu holy texts.


Ramayana was written by Valmiki, where he said that Ram was helped by the army of Vanar. Now, Vanar word is made up of two words, Van + Nar. Van refers to Jungle. And Nar means Human. Hence, Vanar refers to the people who lived in the jungle, and had tail. They were not monkeys. The were possibly a humanoid species who lived alongside humans, but in the jungle. This suggests that humans lived alongside other humanoid species and there is a fair possibility that humans may not have been evolved from those species that lived alongside them.

Vishnu Puran:

Vishnu Puran gives a very vivid description of how universe looks like and how time dilation exists. Such scientific knowledge couldn’t have passed on if the carrier of that knowledge had been another humanoid having far less intelligence than current Homo Sapiens.

31 December 2022

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