What does God eat?

What does God eat? I remember reading this question in one of the conversations in our religious scripture (pardon me for not being able to recall exact citation). But this question was so deep and its answer more deeper, that it left me hungry for knowledge and made me humble to the ground.

The answer, as mentioned was - God eats ‘ego’, the ahamkaar.

"Whenever someone gets too much of ego, God comes and snatches that ego from them."

I could easily relate this to religious stories of Ravan, Kansh and Kauravas. All of them got destroyed because of their false pride. What made me think deeper was another question - Is ego so dark, darker than all other crimes or feelings?

I thought upon this question. I read further. And then I realized the answer as ‘Yes’. Ego or false pride is the biggest enemy of this world and it functions. This world would come to an end because of a deadly war, may be ‘The Final World War’. And root cause for any war of that magnitude has to be ego satisfaction. In fact, if we look back in our near history, we could easily point out the false pride of dictators and wicked political leaders have caused such wars.

Thus, it is this false pride or ahamkaar, that has the capacity to destroy our world. All other wicked acts are the result of some or the other manifestation of this dark emotion. No other human emotion is so powerful that it can bring apocalyptic change to this world. On day when this world ends due to a world war, that would also be caused by this dark emotion.

Finally, I remember this below couplet in Sanskrit:

ati garve hata lanka, ati maneh cha kaurava,

ati daane Bali vardha, ati sarvatra varjayet

(Excess of ego destroyed Lanka, excess of pride killed the Kauravas. Excess of sacrifice destroyed King Bali. Excess of anything is forbidden everywhere)

The above couplet, although talks about the ill effects of excessiveness, it sites example of excess egoism of Ravan and Kauravas, that was responsible for their declination.

14 April 2023

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