Map of Milky Way Galaxy (Akash Ganga)

Milky Way, the galaxy where we live, is far more unexplored and unmapped even in today's era. The galaxy has not been mapped very accurately, although we have been able to create a possible map and a predictive image of it. This map has been created by merging together various images captured from the highly advanced telescopes.

As per the map that we have achieved, thanks to the scientific advancements, we know that there are four major spiral arms and at least two smaller arms. Four major arms are named as Perseus arm, Norma or Outer arm, Scutum-Centaurus arm and Carina-Sagittarius arm. One of the smaller arms is called Orion-Cygnus arm and this arm only hosts our Sun and other planets of our solar system including the earth.

In this blog, I am trying to re-draw a representational image of our galaxy and its resemblance with a very famous religious symbol.

One important thing to note - With time, the map, diagram and image keep on distorting under the influence of culture, languages, communication and religious beliefs.

Galaxy Image Source: Milky Way - Wikipedia

27 March 2023

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