Interesting things to note in all world mythologies

All world mythologies woven in same thread

1.All the world mythologies depict the ‘mythological world’ as highly advanced. Possession of flying machines and deadly weapons are almost ubiquitous.

2.Whether it is Hindu religious text of Puranas, Biblical book of Genesis, Babylonian mythology or Greek mythology - all have stories of The Great Deluge, The Pralay.

3.In all those deluge stories, the world gets devoid of life and life was saved by construction of a ship.

4.All refer to the existence of god, who live in some other world but often visit our world. Very possible closeness of this is to the presence of alien beings and their visitation to the earth.

5.All mythologies picture the gods wearing crown or a head gear. These gears very closely resembles a helmet or an astronaut’s spacesuit visor assembly.

6.The pyramids or temples have been built all over the world dating back to several thousands of years. Almost all these pre-historic temples resembles in shape and are supposed to be the abode of gods for the civilizations that existed back then.

7.All the world mythologies believed in polytheism - the believe in many gods, and these gods were supposed to come from the sky.

Although I do not prefer to use the word ‘Mythology’ and I like to refer it as ‘Religious History’, I am using this word so as to reach out to the readers in a common language of use.

28 March 2023

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