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Most of us would have heard or read the story of Manu who built a ship and saved humans, plants and animals during the Pralay. Similar story is about Noah and his ark in the biblical book of Genesis.

Now, what if that ship was actually a space-ship and that ocean was a galactic ocean of stars, the Akash-Ganga. After all, the civilization that existed prior to Pralay surely had reached the heights of technological advancements, as evident from the use of sophisticated weapons, flying machines and several other devices.

This book brings to life the idea as how world got destroyed because of a world-war and how humanity was saved by undertaking a galactic travel to a newfound planet called Prithvi.

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All the world mythologies have depicted our past as technologically advanced. This is evident from the weapons, flying machines and devices of those mythological stories.

But then there is an obvious question in every curious mind - if our religious past was so developed, how did we lose all those advanced technologies? Why wasn't that technology passed on generation to generation.

Vedas and Puranas have an answer to this but written in very cryptic texts.

This has been decrypted in the story of this novel

Saptarishi – Journey to Earth.

Shree Yantra Series

Shree Yantra - The (space) ship constructed and used by Vaivasvat Manu and Saptarishi to save the seeds of humanity during the great deluge !!

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Saptarishi - Journey To Earth

A long time ago in the history of mankind, there existed a planet called ‘Dharaa’. Humankind on this planet reached the apex of technological development. Humankind not only reaped the benefits of scientific developments but also created the device for its own destruction. The world was hanging on the verge of a world war.

Vaivasvat, an immortal being and a visionary, foresees the inevitable war and the resulting planetary destruction. A true leader, Vaivasvat formed a team comprising the most able people on the planet. Together they were called Saptarishi.

Were they successful in saving the planet?

How did they save the seeds of humanity?

This novel takes the Vedic and Puranic teachings in to account while narrating the adventurous yet thought-provoking story of Vaivasvat Manu and the seven great sages of the era.

Under The Pen

Kakudmi - The Time Traveller

A team of marine archaeologists, in search of Atlantis, dive into the Arabian sea to look out for the submerged city of Dwarka. They followed the clues and signs depicted on the sunken city only to reach the Bermuda coast to broaden their search and thus they discover another submerged city 'Kusashthali', the capital city of Puranic King Kakudmi.

The exploration of the lost city not only brought the treasure of knowledge but also the curse from the depth. The team gets stuck in the space-time matrix.

Trapped in the matrix, they visualized the magnificence of Kakudmi's kingdom and his ability to travel in time. They saw something that no one else had seen or imagined. They solved many historical mysteries and physical equations while trapped in the maze.

But can they come out of this matrix?

To get immersed in the Vedic age and explore the knowledge, read this upcoming novel.

In Thoughts

Shree Kak - In The Multiverse

After the arrival of Vaivasvat Manu along with the Saptarishi on planet Prithvi, the planet flourished with humanity and emotions. Vaivasvat Manu, bound by the words of the Supreme Lord Vishnu, did his best to not transfer science and technology to the new planet. He also hid his Shree Vimana under the ice and beneath the soil.

Thousands of years later, a sage and a disciple of Rishi Kaushik found out that Shree Vimana. Using that spacecraft he travelled the universe and visualized other parallel universes. Other universes being at different phases of development, he could see Ramayana sixteen times and Mahabharata eleven times, all with different results.

What was the use of this knowledge to mankind?

Did he influence the results of Ramayana and Mahabharata on earth?

To find out answers to these and many other revelation, do not miss reading this upcoming novel.

Legends of Vaivasvat Manu & the great Saptarishi


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